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Bachelor degree in Design
Focus in Visual Communication
PUC-Rio, 2014 to 2021.

Postgraduate (latus sensu) in Service Design PUC-Rio,

Rio de Janeiro, Remoto
Dezembro 2022 - Março 2023

Rio de Janeiro, Remoto
julho a outubro de 2022

cecilia quental



I'm Cecilia Quental, a 29-year-old Brasilia native, though I’ve had the privilege of living abroad for a good part of my life. My home was interchangeable, with one constant: my family. I returned to Brazil to study design at PUC-Rio, where my perception of the world expanded.


I identify myself as a social designer, activist designer and visual artist because I have a commitment to ethics and to the human beings who will be impacted by my work. As a social designer, I seek to participate in projects that have positive effects on society. As an activist designer, I value the human rights of those I design for. As a visual artist, I express this worldview and design through different mediums.


Portuguese native
English native
Spanish fluent
French basic

interests & alignments

Human Rights

Technology and innovation
Digital Culture
Media Literacy
Diversity and representativeness


Chillin' with my dog
Making art
Writing short stories
Watching documentaries
Singing in the shower


RESPONSABILITY consult and produce graphic materials according to demand, advise and direct the best solutions.
MAIN ACTIVITIES  visual communication of social media posts and printed and digital materials, data visualization (infographics), content creation, planning and application of design thinking as a project methodology.
LEARNINGS deepening remote teamwork, argumentation and immersion in the political environment.

RESPONSABILITY consult and develop visual identities for courses, publications and other projects.
MAIN ACTIVITIES visual communication of social media posts and digital material layout, development of visual identities for projects, content creation, planning and application of design thinking as a project methodology.
LEARNINGS deepening of remote teamwork, argumentation and various topics related to digital culture and new technologies.

Graphic designer
Quartzo Communication
November of 2021 to currently.

Designathon STARS,

2nd Placed

Project Espere!
Virtual Event
July of  2021.

Hackaton Accessibility / Culture,
eLABorando and Mídia Ninja,
Challenge winner
Project Acessotéca

Virtual Event
March of 2021.

Eu Me Protejo
Private Client
January to March of 2020.

RESPONSABILITY consult and produce graphic materials according to demand.
MAIN ACTIVITIES visual communication of social media posts, printed and digital material, data visualization (infographics).
APRENDIZADOS refining remote teamwork, argumentation and data visualization.

RESPONSABILITY facilitation and mediation of the project's interdisciplinary team applying agile methodologies.
MAIN ACTIVITIES  planning and strategy, team management, conceptualizing and developing the project.
LEARNINGS team facilitation, idea generation dynamics, challenge themes (pedestrian safety and urban mobility).

RESPONSABILITY facilitation and mediation of the project's interdisciplinary team applying event's agile methodologies.
MAIN ACTIVITIES   planning and strategy, team management, conceptualizing and developing the project's visual identity.
LEARNINGS remote team facilitation and practical aplication of service design blueprint.

RESPONSABILITY develope a visual identity and an acessible site according to the client's parameters about  fighting the sexual abuse of minors.
MAIN ACTIVITIES visual communication, graphic design, UI and webdesign.
LEARINGS effective comunication with the client, argumentation and the project's theme.

Student Council of Arts and Design students (CRAA)
Manager of Ubuntu Administration,
2018 - 2019.

RESPONSABILITY coordinating the group, planning, organizing and implementing activities.
MAIN ACTIVITIES  promote dialogue with campus employees, teachers and students, cooperate with the other student councils and the student directory, plan and execute activities and events, dealing with faculty and department bureaucracies, facilitate and guide, keep informed of developments in and out of the campus.

LEARNINGS self-management, listening, leadership, facilitating dialogue, planning and executing projects, networking and bureaucratic processes.

12ª e13ª Editions of PUC-Rio Design Week
Organizing comitte,
2018 - 2019.

R Existência (Regional congress of design students),
Organizing comitte of
R Design (CORDe),

2017 - 2018.

RESPONSABILITY event planning and organization, management of staff and volunteers.
MAIN ACTIVITIES organizing the event, curation and planning of activities, collaboration with the department and student model office, management, communication and facilitation of the people involved in the process.
LEARNINGS activity curation, schedule planning, dialogue with partners and the facilitation and management of volunteers.

RESPONSABILITY monitor the work groups and provide support.
MAIN ACTIVITIES daily exchange with participants, fortnightly meetings, people management, keeping informed and supporting the committee.
LEARNINGS group work, listening to others, maintaining strong relationships with the collective and partners, working under pressure, solving last-minute problems, mediating conversations and spreading tensions, managing people, and organizing small and large events.

 Publit: Editorial Solutions
Design internship,
Rio de Janeiro,
February to July of 2017.

RESPONSABILITY develop graphic arts for book covers, layout, closing files, interact with the printing crew, chat and collaborate with clients.
MAIN ACTIVITIES meet demand, using Adobe programs, dabbling with the publisher's internal system, and keeping in touch with clients.
LEARNINGS improved interpersonal relationships, advanced level of Adobe programs, practical applications for printing and closing diferent types of files.

Grupo 159_edited.png
Grupo 97_edited.png

other achievements


Simple as That
Communicate with everyone
Secretary of people with disabilities and
maio, 2023.

Simple as That
Communicate with everyone
Ministry of Human Rights and  Citizenship
July, 2023.

Simple Design
Municipal Secretary of
Person with Disabilities (SMPD)
March 10th, 2022.

Every Woman Bleeds
Desvario Magazine
October of 2021.

The Miracles of Photoshop
Design Week PUC-Rio,
November 12th, 2019,

Design Forum RJ
Organization Work Group
State of Rio de Janeiro
January of 2022 - current.

Fake New: when in doubt,
don't share
(how images deceive)
Design Ativist Meet,
December 10th to 13th, 2020.

Collage Workshop
Design Student Council (CRAA),
April 16th, 2019.

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